Understanding Bipolar Disorder: The Role of Unresolved Emotional Issues

Winston Schoeman | Clinical Psychologist

Bipolar disorder is a complex condition that affects millions of people around the world. While there are many different theories about what causes this condition, many psychology practitioners agree that the focus of treatment should centre on the unconscious mind and how it influences behaviour and emotions. Such therapies aim to bring these unconscious conflicts to the conscious mind so they can be worked through and resolved. And programmes such as those run by Evexia will place a strong emphasis on the importance of the therapeutic relationship and exploring a person’s inner world in promoting healing and growth.

Bipolar disorder may be the result of underlying psychological conflicts and unresolved emotional issues. For example, someone with bipolar disorder might have difficulty in regulating their emotions and are prone to experiencing extreme highs and lows. These mood swings could be a manifestation of unconscious conflicts that have been repressed and are now being expressed through their mood swings. If not addressed, there is then always the risk that someone with bipolar disorder may be unconsciously motivated to seek out the intense highs and lows that characterise the disorder as a way of resolving inner conflicts or gaining a sense of control.

In some cases, bipolar disorder may be related to a person’s struggle to maintain a sense of self-esteem and identity in the face of internal conflicts. These conflicts may stem from early experiences of abandonment, neglect, or abuse, and the individual’s attempts to cope with these experiences may lead to the development of bipolar symptoms.

Through intensive therapy or programmes such as those offered by Evexia, one can work towards being able to feel and express your emotions better. Evexia’s multidisciplinary teams come together to provide a programme of support and understanding for anyone with who is struggling with finding ways to articulate how they are feeling.

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