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Our Admissions Process

You can be referred by a Healthcare Professional or you can refer yourself to Evexia. We begin with a full assessment consisting of psychometric testing, interviews and a consultation interview with your psychiatrist and psychologist.

The results are then reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team who will decide if Evexia’s standard program is suitable for you.

Admission Forms

Our Admissions Guidelines

We have a few guidelines for those who wish to be referred or refer themselves. Our program is not suitable for patients who are significantly cognitively impaired, as they will not benefit from the services we offer.

Evexia helps people with different political and religious beliefs, and we will not engage in any political and religious ideologies.

Any patients with current addictions will benefit more from a rehabilitation centre before admission to Evexia. To benefit from the Evexia intervention, all patients need be sober.

It is important that you make us aware if there are any court cases that you are involved in, and this must be declared before admission as Evexia is not a forensic unit but a therapeutic facility. We however welcome any and all walks of life to Evexia and if Evexia is not right for you, we will gladly help you find the right place where you can get the right treatment.

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    “My verlede speel ‘n groot rol in my lewe. Maar met Evexia se hulp het ek geleer om die kettings van die verlede af te haal sodat ek in die hede kan leef en hoopvol is vir my toekoms.”

    Hester Shields

    “Evexia is a safe space where you feel supported and cared for by their amazing professionals. Evexia, and the Evexia team helped me find my wellness.”

    Roselle du Plessis

    “The experience has been amazing and eye opening. Talking is not overrated at all. It is still a journey and so far I am on the right track. Evexia has changed my view on therapy. I did not believe in it but now it will become a part of my life. Talking heals.”


    “Evexia is a safe haven where there are capable professionals who have my best interests at heart. I have been given tools and I have learnt more about myself & how to take better care of myself. Being in a group with others made the experience even better.”


    “Where there’s a will there is a way. It’s never to late to make a change. It’s okay to stand up for yourself”



    hospital facilities

    Evexia psychiatric day hospital is situated in Menlyn as well as Midstream. The focus of our medical and consultation spaces is to promote and facilitate our objective to Assess, Assist and Advise.

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