treatment & support

how are you feeling?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your feelings, thoughts and daily living?

Are you are angry and irritable, in what feels like an unreasonable way?

Are you feeling trapped by anxiety and fear that may even lead to debilitating panic?

Do you find you have no energy for anything and feel withdrawn, despondent, detached, lonely, alienated or displaced?

Do you sometimes feel it is all too much and you would rather not carry on living? Have you acted out on this feeling by harming yourself?

Have you experienced loss, trauma, major changes, stress, or a variety of life events that you struggle to deal with?

Are you thoroughly confused, don’t know what to do and maybe conflicting input from various health professionals make you feel worse?

Evexia is here for YOU
We will do a full assessment for you, although we do not focus on diagnosis or where you have been before. We offer thorough intervention and full containment now. Our professionals will help you understand yourself better and will, together with you, work out a way to continue after you leave.
Call us – We are looking forward to assisting you.
Adolescent Program
Adult Program

support & treatment

At Evexia we aim to help everyone to ‘BE’, rather than to behave and achieve.

We want to help you figure out what you want, what you feel, what you need and what you think, and not live your life pleasing others. This takes time, which is why we run our programs the way we do.

We have specially designed group psychotherapy programs that run from Mondays to Fridays, between 07:30 and 16:00.