Evexia Therapeutic Programme

At Evexia we aim to help everyone to be, rather than to behave and achieve. We want to help you figure out what you want, what you feel, what you need and what you think, and not to live a life of pleasing others. This takes time, which is why we run our programs the way we do.

Evexia provides a five-day-a-week intensive group psychotherapeutic treatment intervention.

Our Day Treatment Programmes runs over five to ten days as determined by patient specific needs.

Mondays start with a full assessment consisting of psychometric testing, interviews and a consultation interview with our psychiatrist and psychologists. A pre-admission interview with one of our qualified team members, the week before admission, is preferable. This is followed by a multi-disciplinary team meeting to decide if Evexia’s treatment intervention is suitable for you; if we should adapt a program for you; or refer you to a different facility.

The Multi-Professional Team collaborates throughout the treatment / intervention process so that we can offer you the best holistic care. Evexia is not an overnight facility, nor an emergency facility.