Carla Gerryts​

Registered Dietitian


Bsc Dietetics Degree


Carla is a young, dynamic Dietitian at Evexia. Carla obtained her BSc Dietetics degree from the University of the North-West Potchefstroom Campus in 2014. She completed her community service year at Witrand Psychiatric Hospital. From 2016, Carla has been in private practise in a variety of settings, including critical care and corporate work, of which she enjoys outpatients and building relationships with people most. Carla’s aim with every client she meets is to achieve freedom from restriction and restore their relationship with food. Carla wants to bring clients back in touch with their intuitive eater and make nutrition part of their self-care for every day. Through the group sessions Carla presents, she hopes to inspire clients to take care of themselves holistically.

Areas of interest

At Witrand Psychiatric Hospital, Carla was exposed to the role nutrition plays in mental health – it has been a passion of hers ever since.