Evexia Menlyn
Community Mental Health Care Day Centre

About Us

Evexia Menlyn is South Africa's first psychiatric outpatient facility that met the requirements and was registered with the department of health in our category. We pride ourselves in knowing we are market leaders that are focussed on providing necessary psychiatric services to our community.

Evexia Menlyn was established out of a need in the market to provide speciality outpatients programmes in a group setting that medical aids would cover as a standard hospital benefit. This avoids patients using medical savings. Some other relevant information about us:

  • We are registered with the department of health
  • We are registered with the BHF
  • We are providing relevant, medically accurate and supportive therapy to adult and adolescent patients in a safe environment.
  • Our facilities are modern and meet all the supportive requirements from the department of health.
  • We maintain our level of service by keeping our focus on patients and their needs while marrying that with the correct treatment paths.
  • We provide outpatients options and support to our patients to learn to live a fruitful life while living and dealing with psychiatric illnesses.
  • We have an admission process that ensures only patients that will benefit from our programmes are admitted and those that require hospitalisation are referred to the correct facilities.
  • There is no overnight admission and our patients can attend our programmes while living their lives knowing they are engaged in a therapeutic process to improve their mental well-being.
  • We have dedicated in-house professionals and in some cases bring in specialists when needed, the number of qualified therapists, support personnel and consultants, ensure comprehensive therapeutic activities consistent with each patient's active treatment programme.